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Joy of Country Farms

Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy, Eat Heritage.
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About Joy of country Farms and JD's Famous Pumpkin Patch
It was a little slice of heaven for Butch and Joy when they first bought the original  Joy of Country farm and ranch back in 1995. It was here they raised their crops, kids, and livestock. In 2010, their son Jeremy decided to grow pumpkins and raise turkey's to help connect urban families to the joys (pun intended) and wonders of rural life forming Joy of country Farms with his parents they began to grow pumpkins and turkey's to help accomplish this. And this year the family moved to a larger 400 acre ranch and farm in Pomeroy, WA to raise hay, cattle,  and turkey's. Using their natural growing practices the Schwindt family is proud to announce this year they will be raising over 300 pastured turkeys, 100 cattle, and 40 tons of hay! 
Animal Well-being with Joy of Country farms
We treat our animals with the respect and dignity they deserve; we never participate in cruel animal practices such as debeaking or wing clipping. They are our livelihood and we know that the best tasting birds are happy birds. To ensure this, they are handled with a holistic approach that emphasizes extreme care and courtesy always. Our promise to them, Our promise to you.

Could Organic be in JOC's future?
Highly Likely! According too residential turkey whisperer and farmer Jeremy Schwindt the Schwindt family hopes to be raising the organic birds by next year! "We are just starting to transition from growing our own organic turkeys to making them available to our customers." says schwindt if you would like to know more about this new addition to Joy of Country farms simply send an email to!